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When you marry an Estonian, you inherit the entire family (33)
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All sorts of stories about Eastern Europe circulated in the early 90s. One was that for a pair of Levi’s blue jeans you could buy a car. It was said that for a pack of Marlboros you could have anything smaller. The women were purportedly both gorgeous and dangerous, capable of weaving especially wicked webs.

A few years after arriving in 1992, I married an Estonian woman. None of the warnings that circulated in Canada turned out to apply to Liina. What they should have warned me about were the standard marital issues which apply in every culture. Like the fact that when you marry the wife, you inherit the family.

-from Inherit the Family: Marrying into Eastern Europe by Vello Vikerkaar

Vello Vikerkaar, the foreign Estonian columnist for Postimees and Eesti Ekspress, released his first book in Estonian, Pikk jutt, sitt jutt, kogutud lühijutud. But nobody but Estonians could read it.

In order to spread the Gospel of Estonia to the rest of the world, Vello proudly announces the release of his English-language book, Inherit the Family: Marrying into Eastern Europe.



Vello Vikerkaar was born in Scarberia (sometimes called Scarborough) in 1965. He received the traditional Estonian education: Hr. Ründva’s history lectures, life wisdom from Edgar Marten, and finishing school with Katariina at The Brass Rail.

After a career in the Canadian Army (missions: drinking Molson, being polite abroad) he was the drummer with the band, Reckless Dentistry. It was a short-lived music career. He now makes his home in Tallinn with his wife, Liina.

Some have called into question the existence of Vello. From time to time, Viido Polikarpus, Mart Juur, Andrus Kivirähk, Peeter Tammisto, Toivo Klaar, Daniel Schaer, and Andres Kasekamp have all been accused of penning Vello. But Vello is Vello. Alive on the page. And elsewhere, too.
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