What is the National Estonian Foundation of Canada (NEFC) Gala? (3)
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• A premiere fundraising event commemorating the 90th Anniversary of Estonian Independence.
• A celebration of the Estonian community in Canada.
• A wonderful networking opportunity and perfect meeting place to reacquaint with friends

What if I did not get an invitation?
• Everyone is welcome. Phone the Foundation office at 416 465 5600 and update your contact information, we may not have your correct current mailing address.

What will be happening at the Gala?
• Entertainment and live music. Performances by young, talented Estonian opera singers Oliver Kuusik and Heli Veskus who will be accompanied by distinguished pianist Tarmo Eespere.
• The keynote speaker address will be delivered by Bank of Estonia Chairman of the Board, Jaan Sven Männik.
• The multi-course gourmet dinner will feature Nordic-International Fusion Cuisine by renowned chef Michael Ewing
• There will be an open bar and complimentary parking.
• Silent Auction and prizes

Are tickets on sale already?

• We have already begun to reserve tables of 8-10
• We are expecting 250 – 300 guests to attend the Gala.
• Individual tickets are also available for purchase.

Where is the Liberty Grand?
• The Liberty Grand is located at the Exhibition Place in Toronto at 25 British Columbia Road. Adorned with majestic high ceilings, brilliant chandeliers, and classical period furnishings, the Liberty Grand combines elegant 1900s Renaissance-style with exquisite culinary distinction. Standing majestically at Toronto’s downtown lakefront, this spectacular venue creates an atmosphere of grandeur and uncompromising quality, as well as a spectacular lakefront view.

What do we wear?
• This event will require formal attire. There is no such thing as ‘overdressed.’

Who is the Gala intended for?
• The Gala is intended for anyone who is a donor, recipient, or passionate friend of the Foundation and its vision of inspiring, sustaining, and promoting Estonian culture in Canada.

Where will the proceeds go?
• The proceeds of this fundraising event will be distributed to projects that support youth programs related to Estonian education, language studies, and cultural activities. We will continue to honour the generation that started our community to preserve the memories and traditions they’ve worked so hard to establish. We invite you to join us as we look back on what we have accomplished and look ahead to where we are going.
• We hope to encourage everyone that the Foundation is worthy of your Charitable Donation each year!
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