Trifon Haitas, Green party candidate for Don Valley East (1)
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Mr. Trifon Haitas, forty-one years of age, president of Audio Visual Communications Inc., a video news broadcast company, was nominated unanimously to be the Green Party of Ontario candidate in the riding of Don Valley East for the current provincial election. The riding is located east of Leslie Street, west of Victoria Park Avenue, north of Eglinton Avenue and south of Finch Avenue.

"Politics has always played an important role in my life," said Haitas, adding, “I’ve seen first hand how committed people can really make the community a better place when they have a long term vision and the will to carry it out."

"I will work towards protecting our clean environment, universal access to our healthcare and improving our world class education system," said Haitas.

"I have always lived in Don Valley East, since my parents brought me here as a little boy from Macedonia," said Haitas.

"I have worked both for the Liberals and Conservatives and I find their commitment towards the environment somewhat lacking," said Haitas, adding, "I have a young daughter to whom I wish to leave a better world than that which we are heading for."

Don Valley East has as an incumbent, the Honourable David Caplan, Liberal and son of the Honourable Elinor Caplan, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in Premier David Peterson's Liberal government. It depends on how the riding accepts Premier Dalton McGuinty's excuses to his broken promises and whether liberals are willing to vote for another party.

Many Progressive Conservatives who also are against "faith based education" yet are unwilling to vote for the Liberals or the NDP might want to vote "Green."

Right now Liberals, PCs and NDP seem to have stalled on any march to victory, which would result in a Liberal minority government, if things stay as they are. This means that the NDP could have an inordinate amount of power if they maintain their number of ridings.

Though the Green Party of Ontario seems like a long shot, a good showing will cause the other parties to steal and implement their platform.

"I will be there to work for the concerns of the Estonian community in Queen’s Park," said Haitas.
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