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Ready to jet off for your summer vacation? Maybe you're flying to Europe for a tour of Lisbon, or discovering Canada this Canada 150. Either way, here are some tips to help you take care of yourself and your finances while you're away!

1. Bring more than one means of payment, and keep them separately while travelling. For example; if your wallet gets stolen with your credit card in it, you can still use your debit card which you've kept in your suitcase at the hotel.

2. Get travel insurance. It's always best to be covered in case of an emergency or illness. Call us in branch today and we can help you with this!

3. Give us a call to let us know you'll be heading out of the country. One of the ways we protect you is by monitoring for suspicious activity on your debit card, including possibly suspending it when we see purchases made out of the country. By letting us know ahead of time, you can be assured that we're aware that it is you using your card.

4. Check your accounts online while you're away! Make sure you pay any bills you need to and that there is no suspicious activity on your accounts.

5. Download our mobile ATM app to easily find free ATMs throughout Canada. Did you know that with your ECU debit card you're connected to the 2nd largest ATM network nation-wide?

If you ever find yourself needing to get in touch with us, you can always send us an email at or call us via Skype - username: estocu.
Upcoming Events

Jõekääru Estonian Summer Camp's 65th Anniversary - JK is celebrating their 65th anniversary on JK Community Day on July 15, 2017. Find more details on their website

Jõekääru Kalev Volleyball Camp - Where fun and skills development go hand in hand! JK Volleyball Camp runs from July 23 - 30, 2017. Find details here.
Look at what happens when community works together! At Suvihari 2017 ECU promised to match every donation made towards a new playset for Seedrioru. With your help, we raised over $1500! The mudilased are now enjoying their beautiful new playset. Thank you to everyone who donated!

As of June 1 2017
Premium Savings: 0.90%

Variable: 0.90
1 year: 1.25%
2 year: 1.40%
3 year: 1.50%
4 year: 1.80%
5 year: 2.00%

1 year: 1.25%
2 year: 1.40%
3 year: 1.50%
4 year: 1.80%
5 year: 2.00%

Questions? Contact us in branch today!
(416) 465-4659
TF: 1-866-844-3828
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Oct 21 2017 - Toronto, Tartu College
Segakoor Oöbik- kontsert OöbiKlubi
Oct 27 2017 - Toronto, Tartu College
Pärnu tütarlastekoor Elise kontsert
Oct 29 2017 - Peetri kirik, Toronto 817 Mt.Pleasant Rd
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