The summits of Ontario (3)
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The two world leaders' summits held this year in Ontario, G8 in Huntsville, June 24-25 and G20 in Toronto June 26-27, were a statement to the world that the United States, and the wealthier nations, (many who also suffering economic reversal) might not be counted on to bail out other so called needier countries.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, joined by United States President Barack Obama at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 27th, held the wrap-up press conference for the G20.

Obama said, "So we came to Toronto with three specific goal: to make global recovery as strong and durable; to continue reforming the financial system; and to address the range of global issues that affect our prosperity and security. And we made progress in each of these areas."

"As I reiterated to my colleagues, after years of taking on too much debt, Americans cannot -- and will not -- borrow and buy the worlds lasting prosperity. No nation should assume its path to prosperity is simply paved with exports to the United States. Indeed I've made it clear that the United States will compete aggressively for the jobs and industries and markets of the future," added President Obama.

During the week of the summits demonstrations occurred outside, culminating with the major one on Saturday, June 26th, involving around 18,000 people. The demonstration turned into a riot when a group of black dressed rioters with their faces covered called the "Black Bloc" started burning police cars and breaking into businesses. This destruction caused by the rioting however, might have justified the 1.2 billion dollar price tag of organizing the summits, including security, which was criticized right up until the rioting.

Though the rioting captured most of the media coverage, hopes of economic solutions being found must be considered the most important aspect of the two summits.
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