The Peace Corps legacy in Estonia (3)
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During the first week of March, the Peace Corps celebrates its 49th anniversary and continues to embody the United States' commitment to forging partnerships and solving problems around the world. While the Peace Corps no longer operates in Estonia, its legacy remains through the work of the 55 Peace Corps Volunteers who worked in Estonia on NGO and small business development projects and through the work of the 180 English language teaching volunteers. (Among those volunteers was Douglas Wells, who wrote a book about his experiences in Hiiumaa, published in both English and Estonian. EL.).

Their work changed lives, created new opportunities, and deepened the understanding between two cultures. On this anniversary, the US Embassy in Tallinn has isssued a press release to honor them and the other nearly 200,000 Americans who have answered the challenge first laid down by John F. Kennedy a half-century ago and volunteered in the Peace Corps.
(Ref. USET)
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