Ten Estonian books to be translated and published in the UK in 2009 (14)
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Estonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Margus Laidre and the publishers from Norvik Press and Dalkey Archive Press, Neil Smith and John O’Brian launched new Estonian translations at the embassy on 20 April. There will be ten Estonian books translated and published in the UK this year from five different Estonian authors.

Ambassador Laidre said at the launch event that n history was made. „Never before have ten Estonian books been translated and published in the UK in one year. This is a sign that a solid bridge has been built between the hearts of Estonian and British people,“ he said.

This is also the first time that one of the greatest masters of the Estonian literature, Anton Hansen Tammsaare will be published in the UK. According to the Head of Norvik Press, Neil Smith they chose Tammsaare as he is Estonia’s greatest twentieth-century writer. "The Misadventures of the New Satan" is his last novel and it constitutes a fitting summation of the themes that occupied him throughout his writing: the search for truth and social justice, and the struggle against corruption and greed. We also have plans to continue publishing Tammsaare; hopefully the first volume of his epic Truth and Justice will be next,“ he said.

The books that have already been published this year: Kristiina Ehin Burning the Darkness (in English, Irish and Estonian, Coiscéim); A Priceless Nest (Oleander Press); My Brother is Going off to War (with Hella Wuolijoki, Lapwing Publications, Northern-Ireland,); Ly Seppel The Root of Memory (Lapwing Publications); Anton Hansen Tammsaare The Misadventures of the New Satan (Norvik Press, revised translation by Christopher Moseley); Mati Unt Diary of a Blood Donor (Dalkey Archive Press) and Livia Viitol A Handful of Light (Lapwing Publications)

The Drums of Silence by Kristiina Ehin in Welsh, Brecht at Night by Mati Unt and another book by an Estonian author is currently work-in-process to be published towards the end of this year.

The book launch event at the Estonian Embassy was conducted by the Estonian publisher and translator Krista Kaer, who also participated in the London Book Fair together with other Estonian publishers.

Please find photos from the event and a few book covers from the embassy photo gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/e...

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