Survival week at Seedrioru (1)
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For the second year, Seedrioru Laager has offered a Scout based program for one week to add a bit of freshness to their 4 weeks of Summer Camp that already features high quality Estonian cultural, athletics and performing arts events. This program represents a re-introduction of traditional Scouting skills that foster independence in youth using the internationally successful 100 year old recipe. The youth are taught a combination of skills including knots, fire lighting, axe/knife/saw safety, wood harvesting/crafting, campfire cooking, archery, traditional songs-skits-cheers and then challenges their new skills with a rustic campout on an island in the middle of the Grand River given only a tarp, some rope and hay. Consistent layering of Estonian culture is inclusive while we make perfect use of the expansive wilderness the Seedrioru has to offer. Historically, Seedrioru was host to many Hamilton/Kitchener/St Catherines Estonian Scout and Girl Guide Camps.

This is an old idea that is now bringing new things to Seedrioru!

Skaudi Moto
“Train them...Teach them...let them Lead Lord B.P

Using the aged Patrol based system, the youth were divided into 4 different balanced groups of mixed ages and gender to learn together. This year we featured the self named:

Sinine Karud
Apelsini Rebased
Roosa Narvali
Lilla ahvid

Ohutuse koolitus / Skills Safety Training
For the first 2 days at camp, suitably aged youth are encouraged to learn wood carving, fire lighting, axe and saw safety and knot tying in order to give them the skills to bring them to the next level. Each skill must be passed to a safe level so that they can be used throughout the week during construction of projects, games and the final camp. This is performed under the watchful eye of the Kasvatajad and medical staff.

Tule tegemine / Fire Lighting

Learning to start fire 5 different ways……..

Tikud - matches
Süütaja – lighter
Suurendusklaas – magnifying glass
Tulekivi –flint
Terasvill ja patarei – steel wool and battery

Kirve ja sae ohtustreening / Axe and Saw Safety Training

As part of their woodsman skills training, the youth were expected to be safely proficient at cutting down small trees by the end of the training. Most were very enthusiastic and we didn’t loose any digits in the process. We managed a very safe and productive session.

Sidumiskunst / Lash together

The youth were expected to learn simple knots and master the square lash which is the primary method of tying two pieces of wood together. Using these skills, they were then asked to construct simple structures and rafts!

Sõlmed / Knots
Usually the hardest thing to teach a group, however abi-Juhataija Helmi Hess did an outstanding job of promoting the use of the reef knot and sheet bend in order to prepare for the camp. She even added to the list by promoting the girls using the swing hitch and constrictor knots for some gymnastics equipment!
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Ehitus ja…..Talgud? / Construction and …..Talgud?

As part of their continuing training, we asked the youth to participate in building two projects. This valuable work increased their skills of harvesting trees using teamwork. One person had to fall the tree, another removed the limbs and a third moved the branches away to be piled…..Talgud! It increased their confidence in their woodsman ship and cleared a portion of the forest of unwanted trees and deadfall.

A traditional Suvekook or puskoda and some traditional Estonian farm fencing was erected south of the mannimets close to where the old Skauti maja still stands. These projects will be continued next year!

Suveköök-Püstkoda ehitus / Summer kitchen construction
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The final test of skills

Metsa Saun
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Telgi ehitus / Tent Construction
Before….. and after

Külm hommik

The Kasvatajad
As with any program such as this, it requires that they become the experts quickly at things that may be entirely new. Their creativity and enthusiasm dictates the program and youth’s success. As with the previous year, the quality of the people involved shows just how wonderful each individual was. It takes special individuals committed to safety and fun!

A perfect example of this was Kersti Hansen, vetelpäästja/ lifeguard who received the Egon Ordras Award for creativity in lashings. Egon was extremely busy all week last year in building that I had to make a special award for the Kasvatajad!

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Autasu / Reward!
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We were able to reward the youth with some quality Swiss Army knives generously donated by Thomas Koger for best shelter, best camp helpers and fishermen awards!

Tänud kõigile / Thanks to all!

After being away for so long and having attended Seedrioru as a youth (circa 1988) I find it very satisfying to be able to share my skills as a Canadian Scout Leader and apply them in this very special way at this very special camp. Being a “Northern Ontario” Estonian from the Elliot Lake/Sudbury Area, I am not well known in the community and Seedrioru was the only exposure to the language and culture outside of my family. I owe my Seedrioru experience to our close family friends, the late Edi and Ellen Rebane, Ene Rebane-Billings and of course my “Kasvataijad Kadri Nõmmik-Munro, Hannes Aasa, Merike Koger, Liisa Soots and the many others who influenced my experience collectively.

This Skaut camp would not have been possible without the patience and trust of Toomas Aasa, Seedrioru Juhatus and of course the camp cook Juri Kimsto who played a very active role in finding everything I needed.

See you next year!

Eric Tiisler

Juhataja, Skaut week
1st Port Elgin Scouting Association
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