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Toronto – Students who want to break the mould of the traditional summer job are about to have their wish come true. Eitan Waldman, the Summer Work – Student Exchange coordinator for St. Paul’s, is looking for enthusiastic 16 and 17-year old students with a passion for language and a love of travel to participate in a six-week employment exchange this summer.

"Participating in the Summer Work Student Exchange program improved my skills and comfort in the French language to a degree that far surpassed my expectations. The friendships that I made with the other participants and my host family are a significant aspect of why this program has been such a valuable experience for me. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in improving their French skills and discovering other regions of Canada," said Natalie Marshall, 2005 participant from Toronto.

Local students will trade homes with a Francophone student in Quebec or New Brunswick for six weeks. Full-time jobs with non-profit organizations will give participants a real-world setting to improve their second language and gain work experience.

The summer is not only about work for SWSE participants. Evenings and weekends are spent participating in a wide range of cultural, engaging and adventurous activities planned and mostly paid for by SWSE.

The Summer Work - Student Exchange was founded in 1996 by the Hon. Denis Paradis. This summer, the program will give 1,240 students across Canada the opportunity to improve their second official language, gain work experience and live in another part of Canada. There is no cost to participants thanks to funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage through Exchanges Canada. Transportation is provided by Via Rail Canada. The deadline for applications is May 19th, but applicants who apply early have a greater chance of being selected, so don’t delay! Applications can be filled out online at

For more information and photo opportunities, contact:
Eitan Waldman
Coordinator, Eglinton-Lawrence and St. Paul’s ridings
Phone (416) 789-3597 (please do not include in article)
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