Short Film Competition Screening Kicks Off EstDocs
Eestlased Kanadas 04 Oct 2015  EWR
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EstDocs kicked off its 2015 season with the Short Film Competition presentation in Toronto on Saturday. The event was held at Stephen Bulger Gallery (Camera Bar) on Queen St. W. The venue served the event well with its combined theater to show films and art gallery for guests to mingle later. A total of 7 short films (max 7 min in length) were shown – all the films that were submitted to this year’s EstDocs Short Film Competition. These short films are being judged by the three-member jury consisting of Madis Ligema, Gary A. Maavara and Emilie Tamtik.

All the short film competition entries can be seen on EstDocs Youtube channel at , or right here embedded in this article.

The EstDocs Short Film Competition jury award winners will be announced on Friday, October 16th at the Estdocs gala at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

For the second time in EstDocs’ seven-year history of organizing the Short Film Competition, the audience was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite film. The Otto Rannamäe Audience Favourite Award winner will be announced at the upcoming EstDocs gala.

In addition to the award ceremony, the gala will feature "Those who Dare", an exciting documentary about former Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson who dared to act when others stayed silent. He was instrumental in restoring diplomatic recognition between the newly re-independent Estonia and the world.

The EstDocs documentary film festival takes place from October 15-20, 2015 at various venues in Toronto. Programs are available at the Estonian House, Tartu College and the Estonian Foundation of Canada office or visit for more information.

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