Short Baltic news items from Russian media
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(From A Baker’s Double Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 100. September 17, 2017)

8. ‘Don’t Call Us “Former Soviet Republics,’” Balts Say. The ambassadors of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Paris issued a joint statement saying that they should not be called “former Soviet republics” because in fact they were occupied countries that continued to be recognized as such internationally ( That opened the way, however, for one Russian commentator to suggest that they were “not post-Soviet” but rather “Soviet” in their approach to many things (

9. Biggest Shock for Russian Visitors to Baltic Countries: Their Co-Ethnics Do the Dirty Work. Russians often visit the three Baltic countries with varying reactions, but according to one Moscow journalist, what surprises them most is that in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, ethnic Russians do the hard and low-paid work that at home Central Asians and Caucasians do (

10. Moscow Recruits Smugglers to Penetrate Estonia. Among the ways the Russia security services have of getting into the Baltic countries is to use Russian smugglers as a channel for their efforts to recruit Baltic citizens to work for Moscow (
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