Seedrioru Suvihari 2007 (6)
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I always find it difficult to write about an event when I know that I am up against Eesti Elu’s eminent roving reporter and wordsmith Eerik Purje and also videomeister Vaado Saarapuu.

Suffice it to say that I found this year’s Suvihari to be exceptional. The program was varied and well thought out. Aktus did not drag and Tõnu Tõsine’s speech about the serious topic of Seedrioru’s future and Pastor Kalle Kadakas’ eloquent sermon were both memorable. As well, we were treated to great music throughout the three main events.

Attendance seemed to be up this year. This was particularly noticeable at Aktus, and “tent city” up on the hill which seemed more orderly. What was striking was the number of young people at all events, especially Aktus. I even noticed young people up at the crest of the hill under the big tree quietly listening to the performance, something I had not seen for many years.

What was noticeable about tent city was the number of high end autos. Our second and third generations that still identify with their Estonian roots not surprisingly appear to have been successful in life.

What was different this year was that as soon as the band stopped playing, Seedrioru became quiet. There were no ghetto blasters turned up to full volume blaring away all night and I noted a general absence of rowdiness or as my mother would say “vähe lärmamist”. When I got up early Sunday morning the only sound from animals that could be heard was that of a cow mooing next door, something very unusual.

From what I saw and heard at this year’s Suvihari, there appears no basis to rumours about Seedrioru being sold for lack of interest. This simply is not going to happen anytime soon.

Well done Seedrioru!
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