Say “No” to the Stalin Bust (4)
Arvamus 06 Jun 2010  EWR
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John Barnhart, Bedford Bulletin

A few years ago a visit by a delegation from the local American Legion post should have served warning on Dr. William McIntosh that a proposed bust of Joseph Stalin at the National D-Day Memorial would not be well received. He and the D-Day Memorial Foundation chose to proceed with the plan anyway. Jim Morrison’s well written column in last week’s Bedford Bulletin indicated why so many veterans are upset about that decision.

When you put up a bust of someone on a pedestal, it creates the impression that you are honoring that person. It’s not just local Legionnaires, and some other local folks that get that impression. People in other countries come to the same conclusion.

Some weeks ago, I mentioned the Stalin bust to my favorite Russian, Oksana Krokhalyova. Oksana, who lives in Moscow, was amazed that we would do such a thing. She said that you won’t find any busts of Stalin in Moscow.

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