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Sixteen beer specialists from Estonia and Finland recently sampled Estonian dark beers in a blind tasting. The verdict? Saku Porter is the best Estonian winter beer. Saku Porter differed from other contestants with its more velvety and sweet taste.

The jury highlighted Saku Porter’s rotund and sweet taste which makes it well suitable as an apperizer; aswell as being served with desserts, chocolate, cheese and Christmas dishes. According to the chief beer-maker of Saku Brewery, Enn Kärblane, Saku Christmas beer with its aromatic and rotund taste is very similar to port-wine. “Saku Porter is a beer which we brew with special love and care because we consider it as the ‘carrier’ of our Christmas traditions. We wish to enrich the Estonian beer market with our porter, using special brewing methods, raw materials and three months long lagering,” remarked Kärblane.

Nine different beer marks were sampled in the blind test by sixteen beer experts and hobbyists. The nominees included winter beers from Saku, A Le Coq, Wiru Beer and Puls. After Saku Porter second place was awarded to A Le Coq’s Christmas Porter and third to Saku Dark (Saku Tume).

Saku Porter is the most classic Christmas beer and is prepared from water, light caramel and coffee malt, hops and barm (a yeast formed during the fermentation of malt). Usually it is made only once a year – during Christmas. ”Some years we have enlarged the amounts of Porter to follow the needs and expectations of our clients and the fans of Saku Porter,” added Kärblane

High dense and brownish foam is distinctive to Saku Porter and it suites perfectly with stronger meat meals. Beer experts have acknowledged that certain beer types are characteristic to different seasons. Spring is dominated by bock type beer (dark lager beers with 6-7% volume), summer is the season of light and pilsner type beers; dark beers and porters are most popular in winter time.

The annual ranking of Estonian dark beers is organized by Olutsilta which encourages the development of Finland and Baltic beer culture. Its purpose is to expand the cooperation between Finland and Baltic States and to introduce Baltic beers in Finland. Olutsilta was instituted in Helsinki in 1995 during Estonian Independence Day celebrations. At the moment it unites more than 300 Finnish, Estonian and Norwegian beer enthusiasts.

The best Estonian dark beers in 2007:

1. Saku Porter – 140 points
2. A.Le Coq Jõuluporter - 127,25 points
3. Saku Tume - 121,5 points
4. A.Le Coq Porter – 115 points
5. Tõmmu Hiid - 100,75 points
6. Palmse Tume Eripruul - 100,25 points
7. Wiru Talveõlu - 96,5 points
8. Puls Tume Lager - 96 points
9. Puls Jõululegend - 95,25 points

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BGS Intertrade Ltd has submitted SAKU Porter to the LCBO. The Porter has been tasted and we are awaiting for the results. Please stay tuned.

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