Rasmus Lumi gets early Christmas present (13)
Archived Articles 06 Dec 2007  EWR
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Hawk Corporation president Martin Habicht presented the Estonian chargé d'affaires Rasmus Lumi with a Hawk Hoodie sweatshirt. Mr. Lumi was impressed by the quality product, and believes Hawk Hoodies has great potential.

During his recent trip to Estonia, Mr. Habicht observed that this type of sweatshirt was not available there. Sketching out a design, and using only the highest quality materials - 90% / 10% cotton/polyester blend, and over 30,000 embroidered stitches – Mr. Habicht created his first collection of Hawk Hoodies.

His design took on new significance when his closest friends and relatives all wanted one. With the Canadian made hoodies rolling off the assembly line, Mr. Habicht has now turned his attention to the promotion of his first fashion project. He is eager to sell it to the Estonian government. These will be distributed as gifts from the various embassies.

Mr. Lumi was very gracious in accepting Mr. Habicht’s product as a gift. He feels that more ventures promoting Estonia and its heritage are important and necessary. Hawk Hoodies’ “Estonia” designs are available for order through the web at http://HawkHoodies.com , by contacting Martin at , or by phone at 613-882-8359.
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