Population of Americans in Canada equals that of some US states (3)
Archived Articles 15 Feb 2008 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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"There are over 700,000 citizens of the United States living in Canada," said John Nay, Consul General of the United States in Toronto, during the Super Tuesday (February 5th) Election Watch. He added, "250,000 live in Ontario." That almost three-quarters of a million figure I thought, might be equal to the count of a sparsely populated US state.

"Almost the same population as Estonians in Estonia," kibitzed one voice.

The following day I phoned the public affairs officer, at the US Consulate in Toronto and asked where I could get the population breakdown of all the states in the United States. "I don't want to know what you're up to, I'll just send you the data," said the officer.

As I thought, there are three states, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming, with about the same population as the number of Americans living in Canada. So fair is fair and slyly, as this thought started, "Americans living in Canada" should perhaps push for the same rights as those of a state within (or without) the United States — complete with two senators and two congresspeople.

This would allow the Canadian perspective (albeit American- Canadian perspective) be argued right from the Senate and Congress floor.

But then the pollster Nik Nanos indicated that most of the Americans in Canada support the Democrats, by a huge majority. Hillary Clinton, with 51% of Am-Can support, had the majority. Barack Obama countered with 36%, and Republican John McCain, who led his opponents on Super Tuesday by a considerable margin, only received 6% of the total vote cast in Canada.
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