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Archived Articles 09 Feb 2007 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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This week the Honourable Peter Van Loan, the first Canadian-Estonian government minister, has been busy in his new role as Government House Leader, blasting the Senate for stalling legislation on senate reform and teaching new Liberal, ex Conservative Garth Turner how to maintain his honour.

The Senate, which has a Liberal majority, is trying to kill the bill, S-4, that would limit the term that a Senator can stay (linger) in the office to eight years from the current forty-five. New Liberal leader Stéphane Dion indicated, when he was running for the leadership, that he favoured six year terms for Senators, yet the Liberal Senators don't seem to obey him.

Turner, then a Conservative, made a big issue when Liberal Minister David Emerson crossed the floor to become a Conservative Minister. Turner was eventually kicked out of the Conservative Party for revealing confidences of the Conservative Caucus. When Turner joined the Liberal Party, he was asked about his previous statement. Turner said that if all those who have crossed the floor will resign and then run again under their new banner, he will as well.

Van Loan suggested, on national television, that Turner could set the standard by resigning and then running again under his new Liberal banner.
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