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Mark Niglas is a 2006 recipient of the Scouts Canada Foundation scholarship awarded to Canadian youth who have demonstrated high levels of involvement and achievement in Scouting, leadership contributions to Scouting, community leadership and contributions outside of Scouting, and high scholastic achievements. Mark has progressed through the ranks of Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer, and Beaver leader in Windsor and London, Ontario. For many years, he was also a member of the Lembitu scout group and participated in many summer camps at Kotkajärve. He has earned many honours in Scouting, including Chief Scout’s Award, Queen’s Venturer Award, Bronze, Silver and Gold (pending final review) Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He is a first year student in Medical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario.

The following article appeared in the March 2007 edition of The Leader (Scouts Canada publication) in which Mark describes the value of Scouting in his life.

Always Be Prepared

At the beginning of this year, I found myself back where Scouting all began for me: standing in Riverbanks surrounded by young faces wearing blue and brown hats. I suddenly realized that my life in Scouting had just come full-circle, and the true values of Scouting to my life became very clear.

As I moved through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers, I soaked up many things that are now very much part of who I am. Outdoor skills, perseverance, dedication, and morality are just a few examples. Now, being a Beaver leader, I get to see the other side of the coin. I’ve learned that the leadership skills that I gained from staying in Scouting all these years are tremendously useful. When placed in group situations, I always feel a rush of confidence, because I know something productive can and will be accomplished.

The opportunities and adventures that I have experienced within my Scouting community have shown me a wonderful world.

These many years have planted in me a will to succeed, and as I continue on, I hope to pass this on to others. Scouting has taught me what life is all about: never stop learning, provide service regularly and always “Be Prepared”.

London, Ontario
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