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The Eesti Pop Radio Show has added a new member to our group of dedicated and hard-working volunteers. Kristina Unt from Tallinn, Estonia has agreed to record commentaries and public service announcements for us. As before, Eesti Pop is primarily a music show but our original plan was also to include commentaries on issues that are relevant to Canada's Estonian-speaking community as well. Kristina introduces herself below.

Hey there...

...nice to see you here, radio-interested reader ('cause that's what you are, more or less). I guess it'd be appropriate to introduce myself a bit – I'm someone, who has just recently managed to make an entrance to the world of broadcasting, and I'm also ready to make use of all the possibilities that come with this.

My name is Kristina, I'm 18 years old and of course I'm from Estonia, and to be exact, from Tallinn. I think I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm a versatile person. Mostly my interests are from the humanitarian field, and thus I'm trying to find as many ways as possible to practice all sorts of creative writing, and also performing arts of all kind, especially dancing and acting. Still, I also think science is fascinating, even though I myself have practically no talent in calculus and things related to that – I always leave calculating, measuring and delineating for someone else to do.

Nevertheless I like to be well informed about exciting new discoveries made, and scientists, math geniuses and all those kind of people are undoubtedly worth admiring. But I feel that I am in my element precisely when I can do something creative.

I've been engaged with dancing – show dance mostly – for quite long now, for about 8 years. Thanks to that I've been able to take some glances of what's going on behind the scenes of the world of professional dancers. And I must say that the tough competition and hard work in the name of some 15 minutes of fame I saw there increased my respect for those pro dancers, of whom we usually still think simply as entertainers.

Acting is something I've been doing only for a year so far, and when I started at it a year ago the lack of time already ruled me, but I still felt I couldn't live my life fully without that drama group.
Thus I added another activity to my already crammed schedule. Apparently it's so – the one who does a lot, also gets a lot done... In spite of this tempo pressure I've managed to cope with everything that's needed. And now I've again discovered something new for myself – radio.

As you know, it combines work with text, voice and some imagination – an arsenal I'm always glad to use. Ah yes – one of my hobbies is also widening my worldview, and as this radio station here isn't some Estonian local production, but indeed a Canadian station, I'm waiting enthusiastically for all future co-operation possibilities. So far I've managed to make two recordings, and you've also had a chance to listen to those, and I have reason to believe this debut will be followed by some more stuff. No matter what the current subject will be, I'll be trying to follow all these principles: to analyze the story from different points of view (that also means not talking only or mainly about what I think), to
consider how the subject is connected with both Canada and Estonia, and to maybe even find in those stories some interesting sides that aren't so noticeable.

I'm beginning my last year in high school and it's going to take the lion's share of my time, but I'd still like to spend some on-air time with my future listeners, get new experiences through radio work and through that maybe fix my future plans more firmly. But till then best wishes from me, and

hear you around!:)
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