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Karl Kuus’ wins — Whistler Cup, 24 nations competing ages 11 -15, category K2 (1)
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THE WHISTLER CUP is an international ski event. Whistler Cup has grown to become the largest and most important ski race in North America, and internationally, for athletes aged 11 – 15 years. With hundreds of young athletes from 24 countries, the Whistler Cup brings together children from many different cultures around the world. Following the success of Whistler as a host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Whistler Cup is the must-attend race for athletes and partners not only in the US and Canada, but around the world, competing with the world’s best.

The Whistler Cup was another great series for Karl Kuus from Toronto, Ontario and member of Devil’s Glen Ski Club who stood on the podium on two occasions including a bronze in SuperG and bronze in Giant Slalom. Additionally he received the Dave Murray Award of the competition for outstanding male performance in the K2 age category. Karl helped Canada to win the Nation’s Cup, which is awarded to the Nation with the best overall team result.

Karl comments “I’ve been having a great season, winning the Ontario Swiss Chalet Series, the Ontario Provincial Series and being the Best Canadian at the Nationals, which was a great way to head into Whistler Cup. I always aim to win but accomplishing two third places at WC with so many top racers from around the world felt really good. I fell on the second run of the slalom; mistakes are going to happen when I ride the line and that’s what I love to do. I am especially proud of winning the Dave Murray Award at Whistler and being part of Canada winning the overall Nation’s Cup. I want to thank my sponsors for helping me and giving me the support I needed this year....Thanks!”

Since the age of 7 Karl’s primary coach has been his father. His parents Ron & Heidi are the owners of KUUsport Mfg. Ltd which produce Ski, Snowboard and Nordic waxes and tools in Toronto and are the Official Suppliers to the Canadian and Austrian National Ski Teams.

International Whistler Cup, B.C. March 9-11, 2010
• #1 Canadian male ski racer title
• #1 North American ski racer title
• Super Combined (SG) – 3rd
• Giant Slalom (GS) – 3rd
• Dave Murray Award – Best Canadian Outstanding Male Performance

Canadian National K2 Championships: Ontario March 22-26, 2010
• #1 Canadian male ski racer title
• Slalom (SL) – 1st
• Overall – 2nd (USA won)
• Super Combined (SC) 1-run SG & 1-run SL = SC – 2nd (Fastest SG run)
• Giant Slalom (GS) – 3rd (Fastest on 2nd run)
• Super Giant Slalom (SG) – 3rd

Ontario Provincials: Calibogie Peaks March 10-13
• Provincial Champion – overall winner 1st
• Super Giant Slalom (SG) – 1st
• Super Combined (SC) 1-run SG & 1-run SL = SC – 1st
• Slalom (SL) – 2nd
• Giant Slalom (GS) – 7th (Fastest on 1st run)

Ontario Swiss Chalet Southern Ontario Team Series 2009-10
• Overall Swiss Chalet Series – male series champion 1st
• Osler, Super Giant Slalom – 1st
• Osler, Super Combined – 1st
• Alpine, Slalom – 1st
• Georgian Peaks, Super Giant Slalom race 2 – 1st
• Georgian Peaks, Super Giant Slalom race 1 – 2nd
• Georgian Peaks, Super Gant Slalom overall – 1st
• Devils Glen, Slalom – 2nd
• Osler, Giant Slalom – 4th

Taschereau Cup – Eastern Canada & USA., Mnt. Tremblant, Que.
• Slalom – 2nd
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