June 23/24, 2007 Suvihari at Seedrioru (1)
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SUMMER KICK OFF. THIS IS THE EVENT. Don't miss it — if you have other commitments during the day, come as soon as you can and join the fun!!!!!!

It is the only ANNUAL summer event where close to 1000 people of all ages can get together.

Volleyball tournaments will abound at our regulation size beach volleyball court next to the pool. Trophy for the winning team, and everyone is welcome to participate and cheer along. We are anticipating a rematch among the Estonian Sororities and Fraternities and there are always new teams that get put together on the spot, start time 11:00am on Saturday.

Children are sure to be thrilled with the Karneval again this year. A new multi-play bouncer for 6-10 year olds called Mickey's Fun Factor, a Laugh & Learn Play Centre for toddlers & pre-schoolers and Pirates of the Caribbean: obstacle course for pre-teen to adults. New Bouncers Iron Man & Sea of Balls are bona fide crowd pleasers. The cotton candy is FREE and available as long as supplies last. All rides are FREE with admission .

All DAY...the rESTOraan will be open, featuring first class fare at affordable prices in an ambience that is incomparably ESTONIAN. Here you can have your fill of "pirukad, hapukapsad" and many other delightful delicacies.

Saturday, we'll have BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs.
Sunday morning, get up early to get Estonian pancakes.
NEW>>>>> The local ELORA LCBO WILL BE STOCKED with Estonian SAKU Beer!!!!! ( Thanks Jaan Schaer)

Artisan- tables will be set up on Saturday to sell arts/crafts, t-shirts, mugs, CDs, jewelry, etc. (if you are interested in setting up a table, please contact: HÄRNALD TOOMSALU: 905-529-3760)

"Aktus" The traditional brief ceremony or formality of Suvehari will begin at 3:00 pm with the remembrance of our honoured War Veterans. The program has been shortened but will contain the essentials.

The lighting of the torch has symbolized our freedom for over 50 years and it is a fundamental right that we should never take for granted. Everyone should plan to attend this event as a central part of their afternoon at Seedrioru.

The guest Estonian choir "Helin" directed by Margit Viia Maiste. will provide the music

The guest speaker is Tõnu Tõsine.

Starting at 8:00pm will be a live performance Öömäng performed by: Rosemarie Lindau, Indrek Kalda, Margus Kappel, Peeter Kopvillem and Riho Sibul on the "Vabaõhu Teatri Lava." or outdoor stage. This is a lively and entertaining show that is always presented with lots of humour and song. So bring your blanket and beverage and enjoy a relaxing wind down. Plan to spend this time sitting on the grassy slopes of Seedrioru facing a scenic, open amphitheatre and take in a bit of Estonian culture. This one-hour production should definitely be part of your evening and will finish well before the band begins to warm up for the night.

Evening Entertainment will get everyone into a great mood. The main stage(on top of the hill ) attraction will be an all-star team of legendary proportions from Estonia and Canada:

Indrek Kalda (Kukerpillid Lindprii - Tallinn)
Margus Kappel (Rock Hotel, Ruja - Tallinn)
Peeter Kopvillem (Toronto)
Riho Sibul (Ultima Thule - Tallinn)
Eric Soostar (Toronto)
and others, followed by Wally Mätas, The Big Chill to keep you dancing till you drop.

Wrist bands are back and steps have been taken to control and hopefully mitigate the unfortunate party crashers that can overshadow all the good
fun, good music and new friendships that happen at this annual event.

Please do your part to be part of the solution not part of the problem...thanks.

The younger you are, the greater the chances of you staying overnight, however, even if you only come for Saturday, it is a packed day and
well worth the ticket price. All proceeds go to support the Children's Camp.

Friday $35, Saturday $30. Children under 16 free. ID may be requested as
proof of age. Security will be on patrol.

Armfuls of firewood to start your own private campfires are available at the front gate

for directions www. seedrioru.com
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