John Tory gives up safe seat to run in Toronto (4)
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On October 4, 2006, at the Canadian National Institute
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for the Blind auditorium, Provincial Progressive Conservative Leader, John Tory accepted the Progressive Conservative nomination for the riding of Don Valley West, in Toronto where Conservatives, federal and provincial, have been shut out. To run in Don Valley West he gave up his safe seat in Caledon.
They also marked their goal of  one year from "victory", the set time of the next election.
"I've lived in this riding for forty-eight years (of his fifty-three years). This is my home," said Tory of Don Valley West.
Tory criticized the Provincial Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty for spending government money on partisan and misleading commercials "There are millions and millions are being spent right now on partisan television ads that have people springing up from their seats and marching on time to their doctor's office for an appointment. There are one point two million people in this province who don't even have a doctor. What do they think about those ads?" asked Tory. He added "there are millions more being funnelled to Liberal backroom advertising agencies to redraw Ontario's trillium symbol or fiddle with the Ontario Lottery Corporation logo."
"Three years ago Dalton McGuinty promised in writing to help the families of autistic children. He made a solemn pledge to those families and they thought that they have a chance. Now he has not only abandoned those families and today I stood in the legislature and read some of the letters from these children who are the most vulnerable children who need the most help and the parents who face the biggest challenges of any people living in our province. So he's (McGuinty) taking them to court. We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money to take  the same parents to court that he promised to help only that he could assert the right in court to break his own promise. What kind of premier is this, what kind of leader is this who adds broken promises to the problems they already face? That is not integrity and that is not leadership " said Tory. 
The event was remarkable not only for what Tory said but also who came to show support. Present was the Honourable Pauline Browes who in the late eighties, when Estonia was on the road to once again become free gave us a great deal of support from her ministerial office.
Another was former RCMP head of "O" (Ontario) Division Superintendent Soave, who is now active in his own consulting firm," I've always been with the Progressive Conservative party."
There will be three more by-elections in the near future and a general election in a year. "I need your help," said Tory.
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