John Sillaots is running for political office in Uxbridge (8)
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John Sillaots, former Toronto police Staff Sergeant,
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who had a television show about woodworking and a home renovation column in the Globe and Mail (while he was still a policeman) is now a motivational speaker on how to fix up homes and has his own business remodelling kitchens with his wife (who does the designing). Add to that list entering municipal politics - he is running for councillor in Uxbridge in the upcoming November elections.
Sillaots, a empty nester of four children who is 53 years old, retired from the force 5 1/ 2 years ago.
Policeman, woodworking television star ... why politics ? "At one point I was the media relations officer for the Metro Toronto Police Service and I got to meet a lot of the media. I liked them, I liked what they did and as a politician I will get to work with them again," said Sillaots.
Actually Sillaots became involved in politics when they lived in Pickering. "I was the president of the Pickering Ratepayers Association," said Sillaots. "There they were convincing me to run for City Council, but we had already moved to Uxbridge. We really love it here and we have a small farm where we raise sheep," adds Sillaots.
"The riding just misses Jõekääru. Ravenshoe Road is the border, north is Georgina, south is Uxbridge. There are a few Estonians living in my area though. When I was young my father used to take me to Jõekääru when he went to visit his friends," said Sillaots.
Sillaots has the same ethnic background as Federal Member of Parliament Peter Van Loan, except the other way around. His mother was Dutch and his father was Estonian. "My mother taught us Dutch language and culture," said Sillaots.  
Sillaots is running a one person campaign from his living room. "I want to meet everybody and put up every sign myself, not have others do it for me," said Sillaots, adding,"I'm enjoying meeting people."
John Sillaots has lived in Uxbridge, Ontario, for the last ten years. His e mail is .
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