JBANC Condemns Russian Aggression against Georgia (1)
Archived Articles 15 Aug 2008  EWR
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Washington, DC (JBANC) – The Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. (JBANC), representing one million Americans of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian descent, strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

By militarily breeching Georgia’s internationally recognized borders, Russia has grossly violated Georgia’s national sovereignty. Furthermore, Russia’s unilateral invasion of South Ossetia was compounded by devastating and disproportionate military strikes deep within Georgia’s territory. Russia has unjustifiably escalated a minor border incident into a major confrontation resulting in numerous unnecessary civilian casualties. This aggression continues against Georgia, notwithstanding its announced ceasefire, which Russia chooses to ignore.

JBANC joins in the demands of the United States, the member states of the European Union, and other international bodies calling on Russia to cease its aggression against Georgia, to accept the ceasefire, and thereupon withdraw its military forces from Georgia.

Russia’s invasion of Georgia is a challenge to all democracies seeking to promote peaceful coexistence among nations. The world’s response to Russia’s current aggression is critical since it will undoubtedly dictate the future course of Russia’s policies towards its neighbors. Therefore the United States and the European Union must take all necessary steps to end Russia’s aggression against Georgia.
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