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Interesting Two Days, May 1 - May 2, 2011 (1)
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Two days in May that could be as important to Canadians as May days is the world or "Two Days In May" is to Hollywood are May first and second of this year.

On the first, the terrorist Osama Bin Laden was killed, by a small group of United States special forces soldiers, operating in Pakistan, who shot him in the face, burned his body and sprinkled his ashes on the ocean. This caused celebrations the next day, all over the world.

The next was the Canadian Federal elections on Monday (May 2). The election was called against the Conservative minority government by the other parties. From day one the issue given by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was to give him a majority otherwise the other parties (Liberals, New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois) would gang up on him, like they just did.

The second issue became to polarize the public, right ( Conservatives) and left (NDP) leaving the middle (Liberal) much the same way as they did in Great Brittain.

Estonian Central Council Medal of Merit winners did not all do very well.

Half Estonian, Conservative, Minister of Foreign Trade, at his riding in York-Simcoe, Peter Van Loan won by a large margin, but did it at the expense of blistering his feet going door to door canvassing.

Liberal member from Etobicoke-Centre, Ukranian/Polish member Borys Wrzesnewskyj who has been a pit bull in Ottawa against East European injustices, and just recieved his medal on February, lost by 22 votes to a Conservative reserve colonel of Polish heritage who had been an executive assistant to Citizen and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Liberal member from Richmond Hill, Bryon Wilfert, who raised objections in the House of Commons during the Estonian internet blockade, not only lost the election but his wife suffered a stroke a week before the election. Member Wilfert will be sorely missed but we hope he will again be at the House of Commons with his wife at his side.

The results of the election were :
Conservatives with 167 seats (now with a majority government), NDP with 102 seats (up from 3rd place), Liberals with 34 seats (for the first time as low as 3rd spot), Bloc Quebecois with 4 seats (now a minority in Quebec), and the Green Party with 1 seat (the leader getting the first seat for the Greens upending a Conservative Minister). The leaders of the Liberals and the Boc did not get re-elected (Liberal leader Michael Ignataef resigned his position as leader of the party the following day).

Most poeple held the Liberals and the Bloc, specifically Ignatief and Bloc leader Ducepe responsible for what they considered a needless election and punished both.

Interesting two days indeed.
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