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To our younger generation - (ages 7 to 18 years old) - you are invited to the "I love Jõekääru" dance, on the 29th of March, at Club JK, which is in the "Noorte tuba", top floor of Estonian House (same place as last year).
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Start time is 7 pm. Find all your friends, bring them along, and let's have a great pre-camp get-together! All Estonian youth are invited, whether you've been to Jõekääru Camp or not. We'd love to have you come this summer, if you haven't been there yet!

To Parents and Friends of Jõekääru - during the dance (29th of March, @ 7 pm), we'll be having a fun and informative get together in the Estonian House kohvik (café), basement level. We'll give you a brief overview of where things are at and where things are going with the camp and the new Art Studio, and some up-dated info about the 2nd JK Jazz Festival planned for this summer. We'd love to have feedback and your ideas from our friends and parents of the camp. So, come out, help support our camp, and enjoy an evening together, with us and your friends.

Note: The Volleyball camp - for children ages 12 - 18 - from Tuesday July 1st afternoon to Sunday, July 6th, 9am - is a go! Please book this time in your calendar! Registration forms will be available on our website www.joekaaru.ca this week.
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