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Happy ending (1)
Arvamus 05 Jan 2013 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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Riina Kindlam, Tallinn

Õnnelik lõpp, seen on this detail of a gingerbread sculpture by Helen Tago-Mullaste at this year's annual PiparkoogiMaania / Gingerbread Mania exhibition in Tallinn means happy ending and is what Estonians seem to find more important than a stellar start – to the new year among other things. After all, an unsuccessful start can hopefully be turned around during the course of a marathon and Estonians have never been sprinters. A video of the gingerbread bonanza and more is up on their website Photo: Riina Kindlam

Wrapping up the old year well might be more important to Estonians than a spectacular start to the new. Depending of course on how superstitious you are. Why else do Estonians wish each other "Head vana-aasta lõppu" – "Happy end of the old year", up until the clock has struck midnight on New Year's Eve? That's not heard in English-speaking countries. No need to get ahead of ourselves, just in case. Similarly, the tradition of baby showers is a foreign concept in Eesti. Once the child has arrived, a visit is made to meet him or her, called katsikud, katsikule minek. (Loe edasi Eesti Elu 4. jaanuari paberlehest)
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