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Get ready…guitarEST is coming! What is guitarEST, you may ask? It is simply an evening featuring some of the best electric guitar players of Estonian roots and heritage. guitarEST will take place on Friday, April 20th at the Mod Club, 722 College Street West in Toronto. The cost is $20, and some limited seating is available in the VIP section at $30 per person. Doors open at 8:00 and this is a 19 and older event.

The evening will feature Riho Sibul, Andres Põldroo, and our own Peeter Kopvillem. The MC for the evening will be Urmas Kärner from New York. There will also be some surprise musical performers and a DJ to get everyone dancing into the wee hours.

“We had fantastic success with the “Night Out” evening last year, and have now decided to expand this to a concept that features world class musicians,” says Raoul Langvee, the co-organizer and producer of the evening. “The idea was hatched by Urmas Kärner as an event for Lakewood, but we have now decided to do it in the Toronto market. Urmas and I are sharing the organizational load, and leaving the musical creativity to the 3 guitarists.”

The evening will start with a set by the Jars, Raoul Langvee’s new musical project. “We play quite a bit of up-tempo blues, but do throw in some classic rock too” says Langvee with a smile.

This will be followed with sets by each of the guitar players and their bands, culminating with a jam that will feature all three on stage together for the first time. “That will likely be a rollicking and loud musical experience equalling a must-see”, says Raoul. The musical backup will be provided by some accomplished local and imported session players. The Jars may also make a late night appearance to provide some danceable tunes, before handing it over to the DJ.

Peeter Kopvillem, who is also acting as a musical consultant to this project, will perform a variety of favourites. Peeter currently performs with his band, Baltic Avenue, and has been seen performing regularly at Estonian events, sometimes accompanied by his daughters. “Peeter and I had a band together last year called Talewind, but this endeavour has been on the shelf primarily due to time constraints”, points out Langvee. “Peeter and I have known each other since our school days in Montreal.”

Raoul Langvee has been pounding the skins for a number of years. “I took a few years off, after moving to Toronto from Montreal.” While in Montreal, he played with a number of bands, namely Expression, which had a strong core of Estonian musicians. “The last couple of years have been quite incredible – I guess I have un-retired", admits Raoul.

Langvee is also the drummer for the Puus Brothers, as the only non American in this US-based Estonian band. “My highlight with the Puus Brothers was playing in Latvia and Estonia 3 summers ago. Playing a live venue in Tallinn was an incredible experience.” The Puus brothers will be performing at the West Coast Estonian days in LA this August. “We have selected a few of our favourite tunes, and plan to spend a week in a studio in Los Angeles recording a CD.” It may not win a Grammy, but it will be fun to listen to”, points out Langvee. Raoul also works as a supplier to the music, movie, and PC gaming industries. “I seem to be around music all of the time, so I decided to blow the dust off my drums. There are still some cobwebs, but not much dust.”

Riho Sibul is undoubtedly one the best guitarists in Estonia. Since showing up on the scene back in the '70s, Sibul has been in the forefront of progressive rock and blues. His work with In Spe and Kaseke established him as one of the best technicians on the guitar in Estonia and Europe, after which he pursued one of his loves — blues — mostly through the ultra-successful band Ultima Thule.

Andres Põldroo, who now lives in New York, has also seen his share of success. Playing in bands like Psycho, Ruja and Rock Hotel have made him a guitar legend, not only in Estonia, but the entire Baltic region. His progressive stylings stretch from King Crimson to rockabilly.

guitarEST will be a night to remember. You can reserve tickets by calling Raoul Langvee at 416-705-9811 or emailing . Mark April 20th in your calendars. It will be a night to remember, and ah yes…one hell of a party!
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