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GOOD NEWS!! If you STILL haven't seen the Singing Revolution, you have another chance to see it - this time in Waterloo, Ontario! Due to popular demand, the film has been brought back to Ontario to the Princess Cinemas! Bring out your friends, neighbours, and aquaintances to see a great film!
The Singing Revolution Film Playing at the Princess Cinemas/ Laulev Revolutsioon filmi linastus Princess Cinema kinosaalis!
Date / kuupäev: July 18th - July 22nd, 2008/ 18. - 22. juulini
Place / koht: Princess Cinemas, Waterloo, ON - 6 Princess St. West

Description / kirjeldus:

The Singing Revolution film is coming to Waterloo!! The film will be now be playing from July 18th to the 22nd at the Princess Cinemas. Tickets must be purchased through Princess Theatre. 2
4-Hour Movie Hotline - 519 885 2950
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"Laulev Revolutsiooni" filmi linastus algab jalle 18 juulil Waterloo, Ontarios! Filmi linastus Princess Cinemas kinos 18. - 22. juulini. Tuleb Princess Cinemast pileteid osta.
Filmi "Hotline" - 519 885 2950 (24 Tunni)
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After enduring WWII-era brutalization by Hitler's Nazi Party and decades of repressive Soviet dictatorship, the tiny Eastern European nation of Estonia began to declare its independence from Communist rule in the late 1980s. Over a five year period, beginning in 1986, hundreds of thousands of Estonians began to systematically and repeatedly gather in public venues to collectively sing illegal patriotic songs, declaring their desire for national independence but never resorting to violence amid their protests.
Not coincidentally, Estonia was indeed one of the first nations to break away from the Soviet Union in the events leading up to the fall of the Iron Curtain. The documentary The Singing Revolution chronicles this extraordinary yet seldom told chain of events.

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