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Foto Show 2012, was held at the Estonian House Gallery (3)
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The Photo Show was held on the weekend of March 10 - 11, 2012 at the Estonian House art gallery.

Six photographers exhibited over eighty photographs. The very first glance confirmed that they (all six) were very professional. Twenty photographs were bought.

Toomas Heinar, Robert Hiis, Kerly Ilves, Jaak Järve, Mirell Lage and Peeter Piil were the photographers.

The members of the jury were Yvonne Väär, Vaike Külvet and Naima Aer, all three are professional photographers and each can display their own independent show. They judged the photographers at the beginning so the winning entries had their ribbons immediately.

Jaak Järve's "City" was declared the best of the show.
Mirell Lage's "Light" Honourable Mention
Peeter Piil's "The Dozen" Honourable Mention
Toomas Heinar's "Memorial" Honourable Mention
Kerly Ilves's "Twins" Honourable Mention
Robert Hiis's "Just Around The Bend" Honourable Mention

During the private reception sponsored by the group of photographers, Jaak Järve thanked the Estonian House Art Committee (the landlord) in this event. He also mentioned that this show should have been called "Connections". Jarve brought together this diverse group of photographers from his own connections. Most he grew up with, others like Kerly Ilves, who teaches photography in Estonia (she denies kinship with the Estonian President) and Mirell Lage are talented youthful persons from Estonia. Järve thanked Ülle Veltmann for her catering of the reception.

We look forward to "foto show 2013".
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