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Leanna Garfield
Business InsiderAugust 21, 2017
total solar eclipse moon sun illustration nasa svs
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total solar eclipse moon sun illustration nasa svs

(An illustration of a total solar eclipse.NASA/GSFC/CI Lab)
On August 21, 2017, parts of the United States will be treated to a total solar eclipse — when the moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, and blocks out the sun's light.

Solar eclipses look different depending on location. On August 21, the total solar eclipse will only cut through a 70-mile-wide band of the country, stretching from the northwest to the southeast US. Those near cities like Nashville, Tennessee and Salem, Oregon will see the eclipse in its totality. Others will see a partial eclipse, but everyone in the US — from Maine to Alaska — will be able to experience it, weather permitting.

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