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Enzyme Testing Labs, a large-scale, dedicated and multilingual game testing company with secure facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Enzyme helps video game publishers and developers reduce production costs, enhance the gaming experience and shorten time to market by providing multiplatform world class pre-certification, functionality, linguistic testing, game-play, focus group, playtests and product evaluation, compatibility, connectivity, MMOG, load testing and technical support services.

Our company is offering part time / contract jobs for Linguistic Video Game Testers who have the following profile:

• Interest for video games
• Excellent working knowledge, both written and spoken, of the Estonian language.
• Able to read and write in English

We're looking for motivated and bilingual people with a passion for gaming, who
can test and verify the different elements of a video game: language, idioms,
expressions and localization.

We need people who can identify mistakes/errors/bugs in video games, describe them specifically and report them to our clients for corrective action
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

To submit your application: – Careers – Apply now.
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