Estonian House 50th anniversary dance party (8)
Eestlased Kanadas 30 Mar 2010  EWR
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Meie Maja, Meie Pidu - Eesti Maja 50 a. noortepidu

The Estonian House has been the meeting place for Toronto’s Estonian Youth for 50 years. Come out, have fun and celebrate this milestone at the Estonian House 50th Anniversary Dance Party!

When: Friday, April 9, 2010. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Where: Estonian House Main Hall

Entertainment - Dave Lovell will be the DJ, Paul Marley will be the MC, and there will be guest musicians from Estonia: Ivo Linna (he wrote the Singing Revolution- Eestlane Olen ja Eestlaseks Jään) as well as the Trio Natural.

Tickets - $20.00 each. If you pre-buy you will get one free drink included (tickets at door do not include the free drink). Must be 15 years of age or older. Tickets can be bought from the Estonian House E-Store or from the Estonian House Manager: Ülo Isberg (647-284-2810). Or contact Paul Marley or Tonu Petersoo (416-658-5945). All tickets are also entered into the Weekend Prize Draw which includes many great prizes such as a Flight to Tallinn.

Drinks - Cash bar: Draft beer from Cameron’s Brewery (cream ale & auburn) as well as mixed drinks, pop and juices.

Come out, dance up a storm and have fun celebrating 50 Years at our Eesti Maja!
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