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Kultuur 04 Nov 2008  EWR
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With its Estonian debut August, “Taarka” is one of the newer films to grace the E.U’s fourth annual Toronto film festival. Sponsored by the EU Consular Corps of Toronto the Eh!U Meet the Europeans festival will present 27 feature films from Nov. 16 to 30th. (Details about the festival is available at

“Taarka” based on Kauksi Ülle’s play set in the 1930’s, is a true story of an uninhibited woman, Hilana Taarka. She was said to be a “women’s lib army of one – a revolutionary in the orthodox and patriarchal early 20th century culture of the Seto people of south-eastern Estonia. A legendary folk diva of her time, she was a woman who danced where she could have walked and sang where others might have spoken”.

Director: Ain Mäeots. Screenplay: Mart Kivastik, Kauksi Ülle, Ain Mäeots, Hardi Volmer, Elo Selirand. Cast: Inga Salurand, Siiri Sisask, Marje Metsur, Mikke Nousiainen, Kaarel Oja, Tõnu Oja.

Screening: Monday, November 17, 6:00 pm, Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave (One block south of Bloor, NW corner of Sussex and St. George). English sub-titles.

Additional information:

Estonian Consulate General 416 461 0764
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