Estonian Business Club annual meeting (4)
Archived Articles 01 Jun 2006  EWR
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Eesti Majandusklubi Kanadas (EMK), or the Estonian Business Club in Canada is conducting their annual general meeting on June 14th at the Toronto Estonian House Crystal Hall at 6.30 PM, followed by dinner. The EMK board of directors invites all those interested to attend.

The club's membership has become younger in recent years and the emphasis on activities is not so much on the social - although the contacts and connections made in a convivial atmosphere still remains a significant part of EMK membership - but on seminars and lectures, discussions about investment strategies and the like. Allowing for the demographic realities a good command of Estonian is no longer expected;in the spirit of tolerance discussions are conducted in English as well. A connection with Estonia and business is the only requirement for membership. Please see the longer article in our Estonian language pages for more on EMK's activities and future goals.

For more information please call Uno Jaason — 905-884-4224 or Jaan Arro — 416-449-4209.
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