Estonia is a banana republic that depends on foreign aid - Helme (5)
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Toomas Hõbemägi 07.01.2015
Mart and Martin Helme, leaders of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party, say that time for change is now and say they have a plan of taking Estonia out of the current stagnation.

In an interview [given] to Eesti Päevaleht, [the] Helmes said that the elections will focus on social and demographic issues.

The party plans to spend 100,000 euros on its election campaign and says that, unlike large parties that have millions to spend, they look for ways to save costs.

“For instance, we ordered our campaign matchboxes from Lithuania which made them three times cheaper. If you spend wisely, you can save money,” said Mart Helme.

“Taavi Rõivas is still talking about Estonia’s success story, the American dream, if you will. The problem is that this success story no longer exists and we have become a banana republic that is totally dependent on foreign aid. We need to change that.”

“We don’t have to win 35 seats in the parliament, we simply have to cross the 5% threshold and win one or two seats. This will make it possible for us to make a major breakthrough in the next general elections. We want to show that you can do things differently in Estonia,” said Martin Helme.

They say that Reform Party has been ruling Estonia like an Excel spreadsheet, using the carrot and stick method and taking funding away from one area and adding funding to another.

“All this has created a major social crisis. We now have a huge backlog of social services that are not being provided and social problems that keep growing.”

According to [the] Helmes, their party has ruled out going into coalition with leftist and pro-Russian parties, ie Social Democrats and Centre Party.

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