Esto Pub Night the New Generation
Eestlased Austraalias 13 Apr 2013  EWR
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Early in April in a tiny city in the south of one of the biggest continents in the Southern Hemisphere a small group of Estonians held an evening known as ‘Sala Kõrts’ it is otherwise known as Esto Pub Night.

Although this was the EPN 26, the 6th year of the tradition and also the first for 2013, the intent was to keep it vey quiet! Well what another dynamic success for Thomas Sarapuu and his fabulous team, the club rooms were heaving. This certainly was a first for ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ and we are suspecting it was another first for the Southern Hemisphere Estonian Community, we had a great evening with over 80% of attendees of the ‘Y Generation’ with a possibility of one or two very close… The real back packers from Estonia have finally found South Australia and the ‘Green Room’ team were absolutely superb in assisting the head Chef. Well the ‘Saku Kana’ and the ‘Hiuumaa Salatid’ were a masterstroke.

Late in the evening another tradition evolved. Thank you Amy we have not seen the traditional spontaneous ‘Tuljak’ and other folk-dancing classics for over 6-7 EPN’s. Well this was the highlight but the team behind the bar and their antics were certainly a feature, but this really is what the crowd is there to expect. Hard to admit but we did have some help from down in NSW with young Peter Maasepp helping our folk-dancing performance, well done Peter! Looking forward to seeing you and others at Estovision!

Well here in Adelaide at ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ Estovision continues as an institution. The tradition continues… We have the opportunity to see the Estonian contestant, who is performing in the first semifinal and we will see this in Friday May 17th. Yes this is the date of the next Esto Pub Night here at ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ but we do like to keep it quiet! Just remember the food will be of an amazing Estonian standard and the crowd will be ‘small’. The atmosphere well it will also be conservative, it is a great chance to mingle with your Estonian friends.

Birgit Õigemeel was born in 1988 in Kohila, Estonia she is an Estonian singer and has the advanced history of being the first winner of ‘Estonian Idol’ or Eesti otsib superstaari. Well what else there to say, we here at ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ are ready to give our full support.

Remember, we have the cheapest ‘Viru Valge’ and ‘Saku Kuld’ in the Southern Hemisphere! Esto Pub Night or Estovision is on Friday the 17th of May. You do not have to book tickets! Just chat to your friends and arrive early to secure a seat near one of our multiple screens…. If not drop in, stay for a drink at the bar, or pass though after being out elsewhere. Kalev on Jeffcott is centrally located in Adelaide most people stay for the evening…
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