Else Rabadik 95 (2)
Teadaanded 09 Mar 2007  EWR
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On February 18, 2007, Else Rabadik turned 95. She is presently living in the True Davidson Home, 200 Dawes Rd., sharing a room with a very spry 93 year old Estonian lady. Else Rabadik wrote books on cooking and lived with her husband, Ervin, in Montreal until he died. She then moved to Toronto to be closer to a larger Estonian community. Since her husband was a member of Tehnola Fraternity, she was visited by two members, Tõnu Kadai and Adu Raudkivi on the occasion of her birthday. After losing contact with Mrs. Rabadik when she moved to the retirement home the two members were tipped off to her location by another member's widow, Mrs. Helju Sepman, who lives
in Albany, New York.
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