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We still have some room and welcome interested participants. Those of you planning to register "soon", I advise you to do it now!
 - pics/2009/08/24896_1_t.jpg

Less than 2 wks to mail your registrations in for the foray! Registrations must be physically in our hands by Fri Sep 4. If you are still planning to join us, please act fast and allow time for mail delivery. If you plan to come but think you can't get your registration here by Sep 4, please email to make arrangements. I need not repeat that this promises to be a superb foray with a sterling faculty in a luxurious (by our standards) facility. Nothing but praise for Max Simms from last year's participants.

Please visit our website for registration forms and more information.

Your reward is attached--same mushroom, same tree, same angle, same time, a year apart.

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Vaata veel ...

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