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Archived Articles 23 Jun 2008 Andrus VoitkEWR
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There is less than one week left for maximal discount with registration. To qualify for Early Bird discount, your envelope must be post marked June 30 or earlier.

Please look on our web page for details, information and downloadable Registration Forms. We apologize for some confusion about the fees. The Form has been improved to make things more clear. We incorporated this year and our new Board has made some policy changes from past years. Although you need to join our organization to register, if you look under "Membership" on our website, you'll note that the benefits are significant and worth more than the fee. Anyway, register now and get the best discount!

Also, please look at our Labrador Foray along the Forteau coast and Battle Harbour, info also on web site. This is a very unique experience at very good rates. We had expected it to be filled as soon as announced, but there are still some spaces left. If at all interested in the historic coast of Labrador, please do join us!

Lastly, if you do not wish these notices, please respond with "UNSUBSCRIBE". (I expect one reminder before end of July, possibly another Aug-Sep, if there is still room then.)

See you at the foray!
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