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At a Vancouver Kuldne Klubi Pensioners’ luncheon Hans Rand, proud father, told me his daughter Kaili, 23, had just graduated with Honours from Simon Fraser University. In a telephone interview with Kaili I asked her if she had won any awards to which she replied she would send along a few papers. My jaw dropped after reading the list of her accolades.

Since 2003 Kaili has been recognized for her academic achievements and volunteer community service with no less than 18 prominent awards, including a $24,000 Gordon M. Shrum Entrance Scholarship award from Simon Fraser University for "high academic standing, commitment to school, community service, volunteer activity, arts and athletics."

Kaili also officiates basketball, enjoys camping, and volunteers for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and a crisis line. She wrote: "Although my studies have shed much light on the complexities of the human body and my laboratory experiences have exposed me to the challenging world of research, it is my desire to entwine science with the human touch that leads to medicine. I am confident and determined in my desire to become a physician. I eagerly await the opportunity to spend a lifetime learning about the human body and bettering the lives of patients, but above all, I look forward to establishing meaningful connections with those whose paths cross mine."

This remarkable young woman is awaiting acceptance to medical school but if that does not work out Kaili would like to spend the coming year travelling and volunteering abroad in Africa.
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