Chernobyl 20 years later (3)
Archived Articles 28 Apr 2006 J-NENEWR
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20 years after the world’s worst ever nuclear accident, Greenpeace estimates that ten times more deaths from cancer than has been previously estimated will probably occur.

When the fourth reactor at Chernobyl exploded twenty years ago on April 26, 1986 it sent radiation clouds into the atmosphere which were first detected by Finland, but public alarms were first given by Sweden.

The anti-nuclear/ Green Party movements accused the pro nuclear corporations of falsely lowering the anticipated number of deaths, so as to deceive the public of the inherit dangers of nuclear energy.

Greenpeace cited data which showed some 200,000 people have already died in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, the areas most heavily contaminated by the 1986 Soviet era disaster. The total number of cancer cases are set to soar to 270,000, of which 93,000 would be untreatable.

“The [emissions] from this one reactor exceeded the radioactive contamination by the nuclear weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by one hundred times. It has become clear that one nuclear reactor can contaminate half the earth.”


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