Can you hear the call of spring (1)
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(Kas kuulete kevade kutset (1957), Kersti Merilaas)

How, on hearing the call of spring,
young birches rustle on the hillock,
waters murmers in valley floors.

Can you see, how the warming earthrises
in the melting snow, in the wind
how heaven is one with the night!

The same harmony with the dawn
joyful clouds growing pink –
and look,
the skylarks have arrived.

Soon, soon now the sea will be free!

And, of course, the boat is hauled to the jetty:
full of crisp, virile smells;
there is much great activity , glorious noise
on this spring day.
Let’s go out,
and listen, to what people are saying,
what the honest dweller of the seashore thinks

Translated by Hilary Bird
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