Bob Rae calls Rob Anders’ comparison of 1936 and 2008 Olympics a ‘gaffe” (13)
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Bob Rae, Liberal MP from Toronto-Centre, former New Democratic Party (NDP) premier of Ontario and recent speaker at a Liberal fundraiser at Tartu College, called Conservative Rob Anders’ likening the Beijing Olympics of this year to the Berlin Olympics of 1936 during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Germany, a "gaffe" that could damage Canada's international reputation, reports The Epoch Times, a worldwide weekly owned by the Falun Gong.

" You know, I think this regime has one of the worst human rights records on the face of the planet, and we should be careful that we are not used to try to whitewash [China] or give it credibility," Anders told CTV's Newsnet.

"Now we have a senior government MP and a chair of the Veteran's Affairs committee (Anders) further damaging our already strained relationship with China by comparing its government to the Nazis," said Rae.

Rae went on to say that comparing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the National Socialists of Germany "trivializes one of the most horrific regimes mankind has ever known."

David Matas, a lawyer, anti-Nazi and expert on anti-Semitism and Chinese human rights abuses said it is Rae and not Anders, who needs to reconsider his comments.

"I don't know a lot about Anders but I know that what he is saying is grounded in fact," said Matas.

Matas said there were noteworthy similarities between the 1936 games in Nazi Germany and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

"They are both repressive governments and they are trying to use the Olympics as a form of glorification and self-glorification and self-justification," said Matas.

"They're both repressive governments and they're trying to use the Olympics as a form of glorification and self-justification," said Matas.

The most notable difference Matas pointed to between the two regimes that while Nazi Germany invaded other countries to kill Jews, China has killed people within its own borders. Estimates place the number of deaths by the Chinese Communist Party at between 65 and 80 million.

What The Epoch Times and a subsequent article by Peter Worthington in the Toronto Sun left out was the tie in between Bob Rae and his brother John Rae, the campaign manager for Bob during his Liberal leadership campaign. John Rae was also, over the years, campaign manager to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and is the Executive Vice President of Power Corporation.

Power Corporation has been the cheerleader for trade with China since before the time of Prime Minister Trudeau when the CEO was Maurice Strong who now lives in China for at least half a year. Power Corp/Strong realized quickly that if one wished to play international monopoly, having a substantial stock of politicians is almost essential.

Having a well stocked list of politicians, even those that fight with each other (Prime Ministers Chrétien and Paul Martin) may be the reason why Power Corp has turned Canada to a manufacturing wasteland, is about turn Ontario into a "have" province especially when they start importing Chinese made automobiles made at a fraction of the labour cost.

John Rae is probably why China missed the first place in the Bob Rae "most horrific regimes mankind has ever known" list.
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