Are British stag nights really wrecking Riga? (2)
Archived Articles 07 Aug 2009  EWR
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Tim Black, Spiked
The annual silly-season attack on British stags in Latvia is, once again, based on snobbery rather than facts.

It may be tiresome, but the annual silly-season obsession with boozy-Brits-abroad stories does have a certain logic. As many UK citizens head off for their holidays during the summer months, it makes sense that the politics of behaviour, complete with a brochure of Foreign Office guidance and advice, goes with them. If they can’t look after themselves at home, so officialdom’s thinking goes, how are the imbeciles going to cope abroad? Well, by boozing, shagging and pissing everywhere, if this week’s comments from the mayor of the Lativian capital Riga are to be believed.

Read more about the lads here:
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