Ansip: We place great value on the contribution of our Jewish community (3)
Eestlased Eestis 28 Jan 2012  EWR
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Tallinn, 27 January 2012 – In his speech given today, on Holocaust Memorial Day at the Centre of the Estonian Jewish Community on the occasion of the opening of the memory gallery, Prime Minister Ansip extended his thanks to everyone who saved the traditions of the Estonian Jews in World War II.

“I understand and share the grief and pain caused to your community by the Holocaust. The gallery opened today will keep alive the memory of the 974 victims of monstrous crimes against humanity. That means 974 tragic fates, nearly a thousand of our countrymen and women, an entire community for small Estonia,” the Prime Minister said.

In his speech, the head of the government called on people to contemplate good and evil more deeply on this memorial day.

“As a small nation, Estonians have always understood the suffering of the Jews and held their friendship dear. We place great value on the contribution of our Jewish community in the story of the birth, rebirth, and success of the Republic of Estonia – starting from Jewish volunteers in the Estonian People’s Army in the War of Independence to cultural and economic figures who have brought fame and success to Estonia.

For its part, the independent Estonian state has always striven to make its best efforts to ensure that our Jewish community has all ethnic cultural rights. That principle was written down in 1918 in the birth act of the Republic of Estonia, our Independence Manifesto,” said Ansip.

The Prime Minister noted that, already by 1993 the first sitting of the Riigikogu had passed an act that expressly reopened the possibility of Jewish cultural local government in Estonia.

“I would like to express my recognition of the work done by the Jewish Community of Estonia,” said the head of government at today’s memorial event. " I am convinced that success and mutual understanding cannot be overthrown by evil intentions or inconsideration, or by any provocateurs, yellow media, or foreign political forces.”

The Prime Minister emphasised that the crimes of totalitarian regimes are indelible and can never be justified, and Estonia has unequivocally condemned them
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