Addendum to VEKSA VIII (1)
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Laas Leivat

Tuldava-Haman’s relatives, his uncles Jaan and Hugo Simmo were also trusted by the anti-Soviet groups because they had spent time in labour camps for black market trading. Tuldava-Haman told his friends that he had to visit his mother and sister in Kirov oblast, but had to travel via Leningrad in order to make money from selling on the black market, goods which his uncles could supply him.

In fact he was scheduled for a meeting with the MVD where he informed a polkovnik Beljajev of all the possible resistance members whom he had befriended. From there he continued to the Kirov oblast to continue his studies. In the meanwhile in Estonia thousands of suspects were arrested by the MVD, some of whom were individuals betrayed by Tuldava-Haman.

In 1947 Tuldava-Haman married Ruth Kerem in the Kirov oblast, the daughter of a pre-war cabinet minister who had also been deported to a labour camp. They had a son. But Tuldava-Haman denied having a family when he appeared in the West as an escaped defector. Otherwise it would have been impossible to convince Western intelligence agencies that he had not been sent by the Soviet services. It was known that close family members, remaining behind, could be “held hostage” as a guarantee that he fulfill his assignment and not genuinely defect or become a double agent for the West. (Loe edasi EE# 3, 18.01.2013)
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