Estonian Centre Community Consultation Meeting
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Hope to see you there?27 Oct 2017 09:32
Are you inviting busibodies and deadbeats to repeat their unrealistic demands upon EM shareholders?
If so, you're making a big mistake! Such saboteurs are willing to work very hard, only, to constipate development.
Their track record of "accomplishment" (sic.) can be seen in their efforts to destroy Ehatare.
EH shareholder27 Oct 2017 12:02
to: hope to see you there?
You are right about one thing, the only thing dribbling out of the Madison projects very painfully constipated development, due to the 3 Org's lack of transparency to the shareholders, is a lot of foul air.
Ingrid Tanner27 Oct 2017 21:27
Wow... why are you constantly accusing people of trying to "destroy" Ehatare.

First this has nothing to do with the Estonian House ... that many of believe should be kept....

There were a few of us who wanted to join the Ehatare board... not enough to be a majority... thus there would NEVER have been any effect - as we would have been a minority.

Yet, we really believed we had something to offer to enable Ehatare to be better.. there was never a thought of "destruction"... instead super qualified individuals who could have been an asset to Ehatare... with skill sets that could have made Ehatare better. It is my understanding that Einar Medri is doing a good job.. and that Ehatare itself has finally reached out to our community to join the board - I hope they got members who have skills that will enable Ehatare to continue.. should that be the mandate.

Look at the bios. from back then.. we had skills that would have been an asset... and the people chosen instead of us were just chosen by the board - and their Bio's were not so relevant to managing a Seniors Residence.

Thus, please drop the issue.... and look at the facts...

We wanted to help... but the board wanted protectionism...and they felt "they knew best"
Why is Ehatare relevant?28 Oct 2017 08:17
Because Allan Meiusi, who was a central figure in the Revenge for Rosie lynch mob, is now a central figure in the Friends of Eesti Maja gang. He's also and EWR contributor, so; we can't expect any unbiased reporting.
The details of the Ehatare affaire are not public knowledge because personnel files are confidential, like the eventual out of court settlement.
To:Why is Ehatare Relevant28 Oct 2017 13:03
You need help.
SH member29 Oct 2017 12:20
Meiusi is a professional reporter, he is willing to put himself in the line of fire and his bully proof vest is made from the facts he has gathered and verified.
The problem for some is, these inconvenient facts don't support various groups agenda's and puts those same groups who have been anything but transparent on the defensive.
He is one of the few people that is not afraid to give the community the real facts and help the community and shareholders make more informed decisions. Unfortunately many community members and shareholders have been intimidated and bullied into silence and when they ask questions are given trite platitudes. Based on some of these comments it looks like their new target is going to be the “Friends of the Eesti Maja gang”.
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Bewildered28 Oct 2017 13:37
The dirty war against Ehatare is still relevant, only because of the destructive disposition of Allan Meiusi. His side lost that war because the families of residents outnumbered the mob of vigilantes. All is back to normal now.
It's a crime that that our community newspapers couldn't cover the matter properly. Ehatare's Board was gagged by a lawsuit in progress; then the confidentiality of the eventual settlement.
Alas, Meiusi is now meddling in the Eesti Maja development with unknown objectives.
Viive Tork28 Oct 2017 16:48
Having just looked into this meeting for myself I've discovered that the 'community' this meeting refers to is specifically the local Harbord Ratepayers' Association and the Annex Ratepayers' Association, to whom this letter was delivered. My understanding is that this meeting is to do with local ratepayers concerns and does not involve our Estonian Community questions. Let's keep things in perspective and let the due diligence that was voted on be carried out.
thanks, Viive!29 Oct 2017 07:07
Let's attend this meeting. Perhaps we'll see Meiusi in action.
to Ingrid Tanner29 Oct 2017 12:39
The "alternative slate" put forth to replace Ehatare's Board was in no way "super-qualified". None had experience in managing such a facility and their only intention was to replace the existing Director with one who would re-hire Rosie.
They lost the election, by a wide margin, because residents and their families had no confidence in them. Afterwards, they continued with "dirty tricks" aimed at harassing staff and undermining smooth operations.
Meiusi was central to it all. Now, he's meddling at Eesti Maja developments.
It's a crime that EE and EWR hasn't exposed Meiusi for what he is.
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