Toronto Eesti Maja õu lõi õitsema / Toronto Estonian House Front Yard bursts into bloom EWR, Estonian Life
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lovely04 Aug 2017 21:45
It's landscaped, and a monumental statement that this is not just any building, it's Estonian House.
An observer ...05 Aug 2017 16:58
I must say that the front yard of the Esto House is very attractive. I did a double take when I was at the Esto House in the last few weeks! My view is that the Friends should limit their "improvements" to such short term initiatives. Capital repairs (e.g. new roof) are beyond the scope of this group. They do not own the building, and as bystanders, legally cannot alter it. I admire their passion. With respect to the roof, what strings are attached to the grant. Transparency in this regard would be appreciated.
Just imagine05 Aug 2017 21:36
Rooftop patios, like the one envisioned for Eesti Maja and the one recently opened in a similar Broadview building, are very much THE trend of the future (with urban roofs in general the new focus of "green").

Likewise, Estonian House has the halls, floor and stage for dancing and music that makes it THE place in east end Broadview-Danforth for the ever-growing dance and movement communities (salsa, ballroom, contact improvisation etc.) alongside Dovercourt House in the west. Toronto Salsa Fridays, (and it's not alone) with a large following, uses the grand hall and the adjoining hall for 2 separate dance styles- it's perfect and packed with enthusiastic "movers" - again, a major future trend (movement educators, functional movement, youth and adult camps for contact impro, etc.). A natural fit with a rooftop patio!

Nice to see the flowers and patio chairs by the main entrance when I chanced upon the lovely new front yard and the TSF event. Makes one think ...

There is so much potential for rentals and mixed use, with a showcase and continued vibrancy for things cosmopolitan and Estonian.

"We have a great neighbourhood, we don't need a lot of change, let's enhance it''.
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Up, up and away05 Aug 2017 21:51
"Escape the city without ever leaving town" is the title of that Globe and Mail article, Friday Aug 4 2017. It fits.
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