Members of the NGO Eesti Kultuuri Koda stand by the Estonian House morally in its regeneration and restoration.
Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
Provocation?25 Apr 2017 08:27
This smacks of Soviet era provocation intended to tear our community apart and cause a rift between the diaspora and the homeland. This apparent "organization" hasn't even posted this on their website. I wonder if they even know about it?!
Provocation 225 Apr 2017 08:31
The protocols of the meeting where this statement was apparently adopted say that discussion is deferred.
This article should probably be removed?
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Anne Liis Keelmann25 Apr 2017 11:15
For the record, Toronto Eesti Selts has no knowledge or involvement in this.
Provokatsioon 325 Apr 2017 09:12
Imelik. Tsiteerin koosoleku protokolli:"Kärt Summatavet teavitab Toronto Eesti Seltsi avaldusest – palve kultuurikoja toetusele seoses kavatsusega müüa maha Eesti Maja Torontos, mis otsustatakse 25. aprillil Eesti Seltsi üldkogul Pille Lill loeb avalduse ette (vt lisa 7 – Eesti Maja säilitamist taotleva avalduse-pöördumise tekst).

Toronto Eesti Seltsi pöördumist arutatakse edasi eestseisuses."
äärmiselt huvitav26 Apr 2017 06:28
Olen ka Toronto Eesti Seltsi juhatuses ja tean faktina, et niisugust avaldust pole Selts teinud, mitte kunagi. Oleks huvitav näha avaldust ise, et kes selle kirjutas TES'i nimel, võltsinguna.
Provokatsiooni provokatsioon25 Apr 2017 09:32
Provokatsioon olete te ise, kes mõtlematult inimesi sildistate. Vahest kannate te neid silte ise, mida vaba käega igasse ilma kaarde loobite.
money talks & b.s. walks25 Apr 2017 10:27
Estonia has been independent for a quarter of a century and the "exiles" (sic.) among us have already gone back home, if they lived long enough to witness re-independence.
For the most part, we're an agreeable community, but; we've become Canadians with Estonian roots and the talk about preserving our identity is a pretence. Just listen to Allan Meiusi, our self-appointed busybody trying to speak Estonian, then tell me that there is something there worth preserving.
It would be nice to know what he's trying to accomplish that's positive. He meddled in Ehatare, a few years ago and only succeeded in getting rid of Estonian language medical service there. Shame on him!
Alternate facts25 Apr 2017 12:34
So now we get alternate facts fro the EWR.
Donald Trump supports moving ahead with the Eesti Maja project and has analyzed it in detail.
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